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This made me laugh.  Stealing Seattle’s basketball team may have been worth it just for the laugh I got from this picture.

This made me laugh.  Stealing Seattle’s basketball team may have been worth it just for the laugh I got from this picture.

I thought I had seen it all.

I just saw a guy cross-country skiing on the side of a road in Oklahoma City.  C’mon, seriously!?  I can ALMOST begin to understand why someone would want to do such a thing amidst the beautiful mountains of Colorado or Utah…but in the middle of south Oklahoma City?  Who knows…maybe the guy just wanted a really good workout and coincidentally has absolutely no shame.

Sorry for the video fail earlier. Here is a text version of what happened.

Serena serves up Andy Roddick

Nine-times tennis grand slam winner Serena Williams is still proud of defeating Andy Roddick in a one-set practice match when she was 11.

"My greatest match … was when I was younger and I beat Andy Roddick. He’ll hate me for saying that," Williams joked after beating Gisela Dulko 6-3 7-5 in the second round of the Australian Open.

The 27-year-old Williams said the age difference, she is 11 months older than the men’s seventh seed, was not a factor in her victory and the score was still in dispute.

"It doesn’t matter. Age doesn’t matter," she said smiling.

"There’s an argument about the score. I think I beat him like 6-1. He says it was 6-4.

"He always says he’s ready for a rematch but there’s no need for a rematch."

Roddick, when questioned about the loss after his straight sets win over Tommy Robredo yesterday, saw the humour of the comments.

"She forgets to mention that it was 1993 … we were 10, and I had to literally run around in the shower to get wet,” Roddick told the press conference.

"I was [as skinny as a finger] and she was bench pressing dump trucks already at that time. I told her that yesterday, and she got a good laugh."

This is why I love Andy Roddick.

Too good.

Lately, I have been feeling a little uneasy about myself.  This post is not intended to fish for compliments.  It’s just what’s on my mind.  Anyway, the reasoning for this occasional self-doubt is that I feel like I have been a victim of personality theft by a person who I’m around often.  As the year has gone on, more and more characteristics and interests of mine have been taken on by said person (sorry if this sounds egotistical, but other people have noticed it as well). After numerous attempts by this person at jokes that I might make and my style of delivery, I began to question my sense of humor and whether or not my personality can become tiring to people.  I guess sometimes we don’t really think about ourselves until we see a little bit of ourselves in someone else.  I’m not saying I’m going to change who I am, because people have affirmed to me that I shouldn’t change who I am or how I act…but, it’s just a really weird situation.

Have any of you tumblrs out there felt this sort of situation?  I know you have.  Especially washanddry.  I actually remember a time back in college where he was distressed about a similar situation.

The most frustrating thing about it all is that I treasure individuality in people.  I don’t see how anyone could ever think that I would want to hang out with another version of myself.  The only situation where that is true is with the canine version of me, Vince.

Bleh.  Hopefully things will change a little bit without me having to be rude.